Monday, March 10, 2008

February - March 8

My Life as a Red Furry Monster
What Being Elmo has Taught Me about Life, Love and Laughing Out Loud
Kevin Clash
2007, hardcover
7 cards

Elmo came late in my Sesame Street viewing life but I was always interested in his personality and outlook on life. Kevin Clash's love for puppet making and desire to be a Muppeteer comes through clearly in this book. While his insights are not earthshaking his points remind you what you know but sometimes forget in the midst of busy, noisy days.

Card highlights
p. 9- the phenomenon of Elmo is linked to love
"the human desire to love and be loved."
p. 10- "'I love you.' Those are magic words- basic, simple, easy to say, but as adults we often forget their power. We often forget to say them."
p. 34-35- "No matter who you are- a big yellow bird, a grouch in a can, a frog in a trench coat, or a furry red monster- you can love and be loved and find your place in the world."
p. 40- Motown music
p. 44- Elmo's laugh
"You will never see Elmo hold himself back from laughing when he feels joy, though he is always careful never to laugh at someone.
p. 49- fabric store- "whump of the bolt" and sound of the pinking shears
p. 51-52 Jim Henson
p. 52 "For a living legend, Jim was one of the most accessible and silliest men I've ever met....Jim was Kermit the Frog....Jim's main goal in life was to have fun."
p. 53- tux for a puppet
p. 86- drawing one's day
p. 87- (art with children) "It's not what you create, it is simply the fact that you are helping that child celebrate the joy of creativity."
p. 88 "Elmo gives us grown-ups the permission kids never nee to let our creative juices flow and maybe, just maybe, to reenter the world of make-believe and let some of our dreams come true."
p. 115- "Elmo knows how to see a child and not a disease or a condition. What Elmo sees is a potential playmate..."
p. 121- "Knowing when to admit you're in over your head takes courage."
p. 122- "You can't be afraid to fail, because you never know true success unless you have a flop or two (or six)."
p. 133-143 (Elmo and friends) "He looks at each meeting as an opportunity for fun."
p. 135- not being a follower
p. 145- No
p. 148 (friends) "You can keep your friends close, just by thinking of them."
p. 170- "...cooperation means more than simply being in agreement with another person. It means offering encouragement and aid, working together to resolve conflicts, compromising and sharing."
-(life as a performer) "...never been a solo act. No life ever is."
p. 177- creative element to the assignment
p. 178- "When we take the time to be creative in our teaching, chances are that we'll be more successful in engaging a child's mind."
-"Kids love to feel in control and smart."
p. 183- ask questions and admit when you don't know something
p. 188- "Dreams are fragile things, but when they've been bolstered by the support of parents and teachers and reinforced with early success, they can withstand the skeptics and take flight."
"Kids are the architects of their own dreams."
p. 199- corduroy pants
p. 205 "Even if one mind closes, thousands of others are opened up."
-moving forward

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