Sunday, June 29, 2008

June 21 - 27, 2008

The Age of Dreaming
A Novel
Nina Revoyr
Paperback, 2008
4 cards

This book has an amazing title, one which grabbed me as I read one of the Believer Magazine's wonderful reviews. I enjoyed reading this book though it would fall more into an interesting summer read than one that took my breath away. The story weaves between past and present in a way similar to Water for Elephants. An interesting, well-crafted character drives the story and it carries a great sense of place (Los Angeles) throughout.

"That for which we find words is something already dead in our hearts." Nietzsche
14- "And the stranger's phone call yesterday morning was akin to a chance meeting with a friend from one's youth, who reminds one of how much has changed in the intervening years, and how far one's strayed from the course one first embarked upon."
15- "There is no one else who remembers what we did or who we were."
16- Alzheimer's
20- "It is a tragedy when a man's great contributions to the world, once heralded by all, simply vanish beneath the rollings waves of time."
22- "...with each turn, more of the city disappears."
30- "There was no future, only the present, and the project of the moment was everything."
61- "'You will always be the standard against which I measure myself. May I always fall just short of your mark.'"
62- Green Lantern- coffee shop
-(Los Angeles) "people seldom gather to engage in substantive conversation"
77 (father's words) "'Live where you are, no only where you think you should be. Otherwise, you will end up living nowhere.'"
81- "For silent movies are a singular forms, one that viewers cannot appreciate without a basis for understanding what they see."
-"lost too has been the language to discuss them."
107- "Almost always, I undertake these excursions alone. There is something to be said for experiencing great art, or nature, but oneself; the absence of other people makes the enjoyment more pure, and one's perceptions grow acute and discerning."
-"Nonetheless I cannot deny that it is pleasant to occasionally partake in the company of others."
-diners- Silver Spoon on Hollywood Blvd.
134- Book Haven
141- "I wanted to ask her a million questions, but did not know where to begin."
188- "'he's interested in my mind.'"
240- audience- supply the absent connections
254- diner
262- speaking one's heart
326- "We understood that moving images are the catalysts of dreams- more eloquent when undisturbed by voices."

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I think I might have to get this book. Lovely recap!