Friday, June 6, 2008

May 26 2008

A Year in the Life of Andy Warhol
Text by David Dalton
Photographs by Dave McCabe
2003, hardcover
4 cards

This book seemed interesting when I first encountered it a few years ago. In spending more time with it this time around I realized the photographs it contains were orginally commissioned by Andy Warhol. Dave McCabe took these photographs, to document Warhol's life for a year. Warhol never published these photos but, as Dalton deftly explains, these photographs seem to have played an important role in Warhol's formation of his public personality in the 1960s. This is a fascinating book which seems to contain some secrets within it still.

Some excerpts:
7 "By 1964 he was developing his new! improved! Andy."
-"I think he studies these photographs and used them to form the image he wanted the world to see."
14- Andy and the Glass House
18-21- Andy in the guest house with David Whitney- Richard Lippold sculpture
39- Andy and Dali- Andy petrified
49- movies- social climbing
-Soap Opera
63- Andy and Bob Rauschenberg playing Monopoly
108- Jim Rosenquist's F-111
109- JR: "I think art is about identifying a condition"
138- "To walk down the street with Andy was an exhilarating experience. It was as if you'd just been handed a pair of special glasses that allowed you to see a secret and compelling world..."
-"Reality in the USA was truly hallucinatory."
-"Everything ins the USA was designed to be looked at..."
-"...Andy let you see the world through eyes you'd not used yet."
139-143- diner!
150- "The Supremes were there chaperoned by their mothers."
174- dancing at openings
182- Jonas Mekas
188- Happenings
152- silkscreen never made
206- "The famous were America's royalty."
217- Billy Name- dj- Motown

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