Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 13 - 22, 2008

dean young
paperback, 2007
7 cards

This book arrived as one of the titles in the McSweeney's Book Club. I was in grad school when it arrived and then I moved, but finally I picked this brilliant volume of poetry up. Dean Young twists words into amazing, vivid, fabulous phrases and ideas. From robot monkeys to the pround, this collection is truly wonderful. Don't delay in reading it like me.

15- "Dachshunds!"
"What am I but the intersection of these loves?"
-"Mexican animal crackers!"
17- "my nightmares are your confetti"
20- "I want to get as close as possible to rain without actually being in it"
"I would rather spend an hour with a dying squirrel than tour a cathedral."
22- "Erik Satie's birthday comes and goes and barely a notice on public radio."
-"Hours in front of the mirror, still the mirror forgets. Hours in front of the mirror, now you're all reflection."
24- tambourines
25- "The immortals torn from the grooves like cancelled stamps from envelopes, the message carried within no longer known."
28- "primarily by zigzags like a poem, bunny moves"
29- "...the doubleness of being one place but feeling you are another is solely a human blessing/curse..."
30- "a twice-met person"
31- "Mallarme...his poems seem not so much written as evaporated."
33- "There must be a point where a broken thing can be broken no more. Probably, we need protection from each other."
34- "...and my dreams remain attached to me by silver thumbtacks..."
36- "The sea seemingly a constant to the naked eye is one long goodbye, perpetually the tide recedes, beaches dotted with debris. Unto each is given a finite number of addresses, ditties to dart the heart to its moments of sorrow and swoon."
-tuna melt and waiting
37- "Probably worthless but it is my heart so take it"
40- giraffe
-"some things can't be bought, they can only be paid for"
42- "There is a time for tinsel, and it is not now.:
43- "So much life we cannot have or find or repeat yet so much we had and found."
44- "mark permanent on the heart"
47- "One attempts to be significant on a grand scale in the knockdown battle of life but settles"
63- Basquiat
65- "Why am I so afraid of nothingness?"
66- "The second CD only the witlessly bored watch."
69- "For a while I was in danger of becoming someone who gets up in the middle of the night to make sure the flashlight in the drawer is off then I found the giraffe!"
71- babies
73- middle
75- "Yellow pencils composing odes to birdlife, mostly wrens"
76- "Every bird knows only two notes constantly rearranged"
"We make paper hats of headlines and float them away."
-"my favorite poem is cinder scratched into a sidewalk"
81- Ant Farm's Cadillac Ranch
89- "The nighttime is no time to undertake a search yet that is when we begin and sometimes must end..."
92- "Hurdy gurdy, says the world feeling a wee cranky"
-"the people who haven't found out won't a while longer"
96- "smaller and smaller the sea bashes everything until viola: sand"
"even though everyone already knows is death a secret that must be told and told?"
"Every sunset is a crease"
100- Jean Tinguely
101- "Poetry is an art of beginnings and ends. You want middles, read novels. You want happy endings, read cookbooks."
"We go to art to learn the unlearnable, experience the unexperienceable."
-"Put your trust in the inexhaustible nature of the murmur, Breton said that"
103- "So while in Italy, see as many Caravaggios as you can and I will look here in my bushes and grocery store."
105- shoe prints
"no cloud without tears, how it smells like iron then it rains and rains and rains"

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