Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 15 - 23, 2008

Master of Reality
John Darnielle
2008, paperback
4 cards

This is another fabulous book in the 33 1/3 series. While the Patti Smith book would have been the next title I purchased I bought this one about Black Sabbath's Master of Reality. This was the first time I've never heard the album one of these books covers, but now I'm ready to hear it. John Danielle (from the Mountain Goats) lives in my town so he gave a book reading at our wonderful independent bookstore. This is perhaps one of the best books to ever hear an author read aloud, particularly because of pages 1, 2 and 3. Now I have my own copy!

10- covers of albums
11 "my favorite tape which is also my favorite LP"
12- "But there were barely any stories."
14- anti-social workers
17- "drew a picture of the cover of Master of Reality, 'What is reality?'"
30- "So I want to tell you what the song means TO ME. This is different from what the song is really about. There is so much more to it!"
39- "But when something is secret, or half secret, or hidden in some, it becomes cooler for me."
40- "I wish I had somebody to talk to about it who could understand."
42- "I have to say you are not really even alive unless you have done that. Sat in the dark with a tape you love and other people do not understand and just kicked back with it."
46- FTW
47- Halloween
-not forgetting
54-55- talking to each other without knowing it
74- "You circle around a song trying to find out why it's bothering you, why the feelings that come out of you are what they are instead of something else. Or why sometimes there aren't any feelings just a numbness."
80- "I wish they'd conduct a national poll to find out who feels out of place and who doesn't."
81- "we can see people like us"
83- "it's like listening to the inside of your mind"
-"when they try to write a love song it always ends up being about getting rejected before anything really got started"
"They are just rags. All they have is themselves, but that's turned out to be enough. For them."
90- The Who- dancing at parties
95- 8 vs. 12
97- "It was like I'd found the part of the album that had never been taken away from me because there was no way anybody could really possess it."
99- sewing their clothes
101- "That's why I loved those people who couldn't help me."

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