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May 16, 2008

All Tomorrow's Parties Billy Names' Photographs of Andy Warhol's Factory
Hardcover, 1997
3 cards

Billy Name is someone you might not know by name, but it was he who covered Warhol's first factory in silver, and he who took many of the iconic photographs. While his black and white photographs are well known (one of a tattoo was the cover for the Velvet Underground album White Light, White Heat is just one of many) this book presents his color photographs.

Naming the Colours essay by Dave Hickey
10- (Name's black and white photographs)- "instant classics"- "they have subsequently become exactly what Warhol intended them to be: official icons in the public imagination, ravishingly seductive advertisements for the corporate culture of the factory...these photographs get it exactly wrong themselves, as advertisements."
12- (end of 1968)- "the self-conscious sense of living in the midst of history and very near the end of it"
-Max's, speed freaks scribbling in notebooks
13 "Because colour is vision's amphetamine...the attribute of seeing that kills history, abolishes its aura and delivers us into the embodied present."
"Thus, in an image, it can deliver us, insofar as an image can, not into the grisaille tissue of the past, but into the flash and differentiation of an alternative present/"
14- "Because colours gives us more than characters in a setting, it gives us people with spaces between them."
A Talk with Billy Name, Collier Schorr
17- Meeting Andy
18- "It was almost as if the Factory became a big box camera- you'd walk into it, expose yourself and develop yourself."
19- "The Factory was a very functional place- the only qualifications were that you had some specialty, some beauty or some talent."
20- "We never bought anything. The funny thing is, you didn't need money then."
21- "I'm very much interested in portraiture, not only of people but of space, or people in spaces. I was interested in using angles to make the structure evident."
21- listening to Motown music at the Factory
24- "Film began to turn into art and that's what Andy became fascinated with."
26- Velvet Underground cover

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